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For swimming pools owners, builders and maintenance companies:

Discover Underwater Magic TM   the one component, extremely strong glue and sealant which helps you to repair the defects in your swimming pool directly underwater thus eliminating the costs, the troubles and discomfort of having to empty your pool. Enjoy the fun and benefits of swimming and never empty your swimming pool again.

Underwater Magic

Underwater Magic TM is a sea and chlorine water resistant glue, which even seals underwater! It’s an essential material for swimming pool repair underwater done quick and easy

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Underwater Magic™ is the most cost efficient solution for your repairs.

Watch how Underwater Magic works!  Under water pool repairs done quick and easy.


Silicone and Isocyanate free

Minutes skinning time

Comes in 3 colors


Elongation at break

Swimming pools – lowering and raising water pH

Swimming pools – lowering and raising water pH

Swimming pools water maintenance  High pH in swimming pools water may cause the following problems: calcium buildup on pool surfaces, waterline and accessories dull or cloudy pool water clogging of filter medium or elements drop in disinfection potential of chlorine...

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Basic pool care checklist

Basic pool care checklist

BASIC POOL CARE CHECKLIST The information stated within this document is for reference only, and is not intended to be used as a basis for exact pool and pool water maintenance. Please contact a pool water specialist in your area for exact maintenance requirements and...

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Smartphone apps for swimming pools and hot tubs care

Smartphone apps for swimming pools and hot tubs care

Smartphone apps useful  for swimming pools and hot tubs owners.* 1. Insta-Link Water Testing Insta-Link is a free app that uses a special pool test strip to help you manage your pool. The app takes a photo of the test strip, then tells you exactly what chemicals you...

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You have a swimming pool business in Thailand and want to stock Underwater Magic™?

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Underwater Magic™ really work under water?
Yes Underwater Magic™ is specially designed to work under water and in wet areas to give a permanent connection or seal.
Why is the glue just sticking to the tile and not to the concrete in the pool?
You need to clean the concrete proper, we recommend a Scotch-Brite™ sponge to remove Algae and loose concrete otherwise you glue the tile to the algae or to the loose concrete.
Can i use Underwater Magic™ in a swimming pool containing Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Chlorine?
Underwater Magic™ is tested without problems up to 30% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Compared to a standard Silicone tube Underwater Magic™ sounds expensive.
Underwater Magic™ is not a Silicone it is a high performance Adhesive & Sealant designed for professional use, it doesn’t attract ants or cockroaches, is non poisonous and chlorine and sea water resistant;  compare the price of emptying your pool add the price of refilling it + chemicals + the time you can’t use the pool! 

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